Bottle Lamp – DIY Room Decor Bottle Lamp Ideas – How to Make Bottle Lamp at home, Make Lava Lamp

DIY Room Decor Ideas: Bottle Lamp/DIY Bottle Lamp Project Ideas- Make a bottle lamp or make a glowy bottle at home in less than $2USD which is safe to use and with less efforts. So here I tried my best and you can use the same method to do so OR can add some extra inputs mentioned below also mentioned description and material used.

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Material Used 1. Empty Glass Bottle (Can be found for free) 2. Water Mud Magic Balls / Water Magic Balls ($0.10USD) 3. Highlighter Marker ($0.20USD) 4. 3 in 1 UV Pointer OR UV Light ($1.20USD)

Some Additional Ideas 1. Project video shows experimenting with few magic balls but you can use more as per your requirement and can fill the bottle with more magic balls. 2. You can also use different color of highlighter marker 3. You can use multicolor magic balls

Additional Info Do not use tonic water instead of plain water to grow magic balls as I already tried experimenting with and result was negative. Thanks for watching & Subscribe for exciting projects, experiments and videos.

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