Pendant Lights DIY – Hanging Lights DIY – Vintage DIY PVC Edison Light – DIY PVC Pipe Projects Idea

How to make DIY Pendant/Hanging Vintage Edison/Jute Lights: I have seen these types of Hanging Edison Lights OR Pendant Lights in light showrooms since then i was thinking about making these type of lights at home. These type of lights cost between $20 USD (1,200/- INR) to $40 USD (2,500/- INR) so i tried to make these type of lights in less than $5 USD (300/- INR) and obviously using PVC as nothing is better than that.

These type of pendant light cost cheap when we make them at home but takes time to make and requires lot of Patients. PVC Pipe projects is always fun to work with 🙂

I called this Hanging Edison Lights to Next Generation Edison Hanging Lights made with PVC. You can use this beautiful designed diy pvc edison jute hanging or pendant lamp for outdoor lighting or backyard lighting.

” – Stands for Inches

Materials Used
1. 2 to 4 X Jute Twine
2. 1 X Bulb Holder
3. 1 X Bulb (alternatively you can use Edison light bulb which cost higher than normal one)
4. 1 X Single Loop Hanging Chain
5. 3 X Screw Hooks
6. 1 X 1 mtr. Electric Wire
7. PVC Pipes & Accessories
— 2 X 12″ – 1″ PVC Pipe
— 2 X 8″ – 1″ PVC Pipe
— 1 X 6″ – 1″ inch PVC Pipe
— 2 X 1″ PVC End Cap
— 4 X 1″ PVC Elbow

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